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Mergers & Acquisitions

Businesses constantly evolve to survive and thrive. Whether you are looking to expand into new territories, streamline your operations or downsize to a more manageable level of investment, changes to the structure of your business comes with both opportunities and pitfalls. We can help you to navigate through times of change in your business and offer advice and guidance on a wide range of issues to help you make the best decisions for your stakeholders. In particular, understanding the tax implications of often complex and varied options can be crucial to making the right choice. Our team can help you in:

  • Tax due diligence and transaction structuring, that covers all aspects of your transaction in the form of merger, acquisition or disposal, wherein:
    • Developing broad tax strategy on your transaction objectives
    • Analysing the tax health of the target and helping you understand related risks and contingencies
    • Tax efficient and regulatory compliant structuring
    • Implementation and post deal integration services
  • Assisting companies to reorganise their legal, ownership, operational or other structures in order to become better organised and more profitable to meet its future needs by:
    • Helping separating non-core businesses in order to optimise the business structure
    • Rationalising group structure to adapt to changes in the regulatory environment
    • Helping achieve optimal group-level effective tax rate
    • Structuring your business to maximise value for shareholders